Are you on a ketogenic or ketosis diet and craving quick and easy lunch recipes to cook under 30 minutes? Then, you clicked right for the best page on healthy keto lunch diet plans at home.

Today, we are planning out 3 quick and cheap keto lunch ideas for you. You can cook them as explained below. Or, add your twist. But make sure not to twist the recipe in another format. This can ruin the carbohydrate count, which you should intake when on a keto diet.

So, why wait?

Let’s begin reading to prepare everything you need for a tasty keto lunch on any given day.

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Healthy food, proper eating patterns, good sleep, and exercise make you healthier. In this crisis of COVID-19, improving our health is the foremost significant part of human lives. Are you guys aspire to improve your overall health by following a simple and effective eating pattern? If so, this article will incredibly helpful. I hope many of you heard about the eating pattern called Intermittent fasting that has astonishing benefits, and the individual can achieve good health by following this diet. In this article, I am going to discuss a piece of information about intermittent fasting with disadvantages too. Hence, please stay tuned on this page till the end to get to know overall information about Intermittent Fasting.
abstain from food or drink for a certain time. When you follow an intermittent fasting diet twice a week for long, guys I am sure that you will get exceptional results. Fasting is a more effective way to reduce weight, as it helps make rest the digestive system to a certain time. Hence, the individual can possess magnificent results through intermittent fasting, which has been proved by the researchers.

H1. Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is one of the prominent diet method followed by all over the world to lose weight, Rejuvenate cells, and abstain from diseases to a certain extent. For instance, some people used to consume food four to five times a day. On the contrary, intermittent fasting means abstaining from the food for a specific period (16 hours), and you have to drink either one of these beverages such as green tea, black tea, or water among the process of fasting. The astonishing benefits of the fasting are we can select the fasting time based on your convenience. In this blog, I am going to discuss the popular method of fasting to reduce weight and improving health. There are various types of fasting that are popular in the world but all giving the same results. Let’s gaze at the types of fasting.

1. 16/ 8 fasting

16/8 intermittent fasting is renowned around the world, which means 16 hours of fasting followed by 8 hours of food16 hours fasting (You can either drink water, green tea, or black tea without sugar) 8 hours of food (The individual can consume the protein and carbohydrates included food, or Protein and fat included food).

2.  5:2 Diet

This method asserts five days of the week you have to eat a normal healthy diet. The remaining two days you have to restrict your feeding only by consuming around 500 calories per day).

3. Eat-stop-Eat

It’s a diet method- doing a fast for 24 hours once or twice a week. Select one or two days out of the week as per your convenience and then fast for 24 hours. Do not consume any food from dinner one day as long as dinner the next day.

4.Alternate fasting

Alternate fasting involves eating only every other day. On fasting days some people eat no food at all, while others eat petite amounts of food around 500 calories. It is one of the effective ways to reduce fat in our body, as we fasting every other day, which means one day fasting – one day eating.Alternate day fasting makes sense in the context of evolution. Switching from calorie-restriction to fasting making a huge difference in terms of maintaining muscles and feeling less hungry!

5.The Warrior Diet

The warrior diet is we eat only fruits and vegetables while the day time and eating one large meal at night.  

H2. Health Benefits of intermittent fastingWhen you follow this eating pattern a lot of hormonal changes will take place on our body that causes significantly reduce weight, increasing HGH etcetera. Let’s briefly look at the amazing health benefits of Intermittent fasting.

  • Weight loss
  • Increases Human Growth Hormone(HGH)
  • Helps Repair Cells
  • Helps Prevent Diseases
  • Improves Brain function
  • Lowers Blood sugar and insulin spikes
  • High Longevity
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Decreases Blood Pressure and Resting Heart Rate

1. Weight Loss

Intermittent fasting promotes weight loss that is one of the predominant advantages. The good news is you can reduce up to 10-20 kg of weight if you follow the diet appropriately by consuming healthy food. First and foremost, the more Glycogen would be stored in your body after you eat, so it will take some time to drain the glycogen stores in your body that you get from the food you have eaten. The body will spontaneously start draining the glycogen that has stored in your body while you are in fasting and that shift into fat-burning mode. As fat is a slow-burning fuel, you must give more time to achieve the anticipated result.

2. Increases Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

Increasing HGH is the astonishing health benefit of Intermittent fasting. Fasting overwhelmingly increases the amount of HGH in your body when you fast that helps you burn fat, gain muscle, maintain optimum fitness, and slow the aging process.

3. Helps Repair Cells

When you fast the cellular maintenance and repair process called Autophagy has been taking place in your cell. During this phase, cells discard the unusable protein and other trash from your body to rejuvenate the cells. Increasing Autophagy can help you protect against several diseases, including critical ailments Cancer, and Alzheimer’s.

4. Helps Prevent Diseases

Intermittent fasting helps you prevent several diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and even cancer. Even though there is no treatment for the world’s critical neurodegenerative disease known as Alzheimer’s, the happy news is that people can prevent this disease to a certain extent by intermittent fasting. As per the study conducted in animals, the researchers claimed that intermittent fasting can help to reduce the uncontrolled growth of cells resulting in that diminish the risk of cancer.

5. Improves Brain Function

When you fast that causes increase your brain-derived neurotrophic factors, which improves cognitive function. If you feed healthy food on your body is often good for the brain too. Moreover, intermittent fasting has the competence to improve metabolic features that should be incredibly beneficial for brain health. This helps reduce oxidative stress, blood sugar levels, insulin resistance, and inflammation.

6. Lowers Blood Sugar and Insulin Spikes

Our body is going through two stages either being fed and or the fasting state. Being fed increases the sugar, insulin, and fat on your body. However, when your body is a state of fasting burn sugar, lowers insulin, and burn fat. Every time you feed, you add sugar to your bloodstream, and your pancreas produces insulin to deal with it. Intermittent fasting allows your cells time to burn the glucose stored in them, this improves insulin sensitivity, also allowing insulin to do its job.

7.High Longevity

The researchers have conducted various studies in organisms, especially in rats, and they found that intermittent fasting helps to increase the life span. Even though there is no study done in humans, the experts claimed that the human will also get the same benefits. Because there are lots of positive changes taking place while fasting, especially increasing human growth hormone (HGH), decreasing Insulin.

8. Reduces Inflammation

This is also one of the health benefits of intermittent fasting. The studies have shown that fasting helps reduce inflammation and damage from free radicals.

9. Decreases Blood Pressure and Resting Heart Rate

No matter which eating pattern you opt for, the food choices matter a lot! Healthy fats must be included in your body as intermittent fasting pushes your body to convert fat-burning mode, especially if you feel exhausted and sluggish it may be a signal that you must have included healthy fat in your diet. Your Diet should be High in healthy Fat Must include a moderate amount of high-quality protein Includes organic vegetables

Disadvantages of Intermittent Fasting

Every coin has two sides, so intermittent fasting has certain drawbacks too if you fast in an erroneous way. Here I am going to discuss certain drawbacks, especially those who can do IFwho must avoid IF. First and foremost, in Intermittent fasting you fast for 16 hours so first, you think are you prepared for it? Some people claimed that it will hardly take 3-4 days to assimilate this habit. Here are the drawbacks of Intermittent fasting

  • Excess Coffee
  • Obsession with food
  • Lack of sleep ( this happens due to the high intake of black coffee or hunger)
  • Overeating
  • Fatigue, low energy level

All these drawbacks depend upon person to person. Many people in the world claimed that Intermittent fasting completely changed their life. Hence, always remember to follow Intermittent fasting at least twice a week for the long term.

Who should not Fast?
  • Pregnant women
  • Diabetes patients
  • Thyroid
  • Medication
  • Eating disorder
  • Juveniles
  • Must avoid who are underweight

Let’s look at what to eat while the fasting period in order to maximize the benefits?

  • High Protein Meals
  • Carbohydrates
  • Healthy fats
  • Vitamins & Minerals
  • Organic vegetables

Click here to know the list of foods https://dofasting.com/blog/intermittent-fasting-food-list/


Intermittent fasting is the more effective way to lose weight, increases Human Growth Hormone, and can possess other incredible benefits. As per the information collected from various sources, I believe that 16/8 fasting is a more effective and widely used method. Happy fasting days, stay healthy!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Could I consume all kinds of food, while 8 hours of eating time?
  1. No, you cannot. There is some restriction while having food and if you feed your body unhealthy food, which will impact your health badly, especially if you consume junk foods. Moreover, if you increase the quantity of food intake can cause severe health problems in the future. Hence, avoid junk foods, reduce the black tea intake (should not exceed more than 3 cups).
Q2. Which eating pattern is better?
  1. A. 16/8 eating pattern is better for all masses. When you are choosing 8 hour eating time and we can opt for any below mentioned time as per your convenience. However, make sure you choose eating time without skipping breakfast.
9 AM – 5 PM – Better timing 12 PM – 8 PM 2 PM – 10 PM  

Please try the intermittent fasting and let me know the results! Please give your valuable feedback below. Thank you for reading my article! I appreciate your support.

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 Are you a person who regularly skip breakfast and think nothing will happen while skipping morning breakfast? If so, guys! I am sure this blog will incredibly helpful for all.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but the question is how many of you consume on time?

In the tech-savvy era, the breakfast skipping trend has been proliferated massively. Certain people used to say that they skipped breakfast due to hectic work schedules, on the other hand, some people deliberately skipping it due to less awareness of the impact.

H1.Skipping breakfast

Whatever it may be, skipping breakfast will indeed adversely affect your health in the future. As per the comprehensive study, the health experts claiming that the people must consume breakfast like a King than lunch and dinner.

Furthermore, researchers claimed that the individual who regularly consumes breakfast found to be a healthier and shaped body rather than the people who skip breakfast. Moreover, The US national weight control registry also found that the individual who lose weight they might have included the healthy morning breakfast in their routine.

I have seen many people who skip their breakfast due to the night shift, and they consume lunch directly by not take a regular healthy breakfast.

As a matter of fact, after the 6 to 7 hours of night sleep the people will wake up in the morning with an empty stomach, all of a sudden, you may feel appetite isn’t it? So individuals must consume essential nutrients to sustain energy throughout the day, specifically must include nutrients in breakfast.

In this blog, I am going to discuss the critical disadvantages of skipping breakfast! Stay tuned on this page and read the entire article to get to know the disadvantages of skipping breakfast.

Certain people have the misconception that skipping breakfast can save a lot of calories, which in turn incredibly helpful for reducing the weight. It’s a myth disseminating among people nowadays.

Today, I am here to discuss the disadvantages of skipping breakfast and I am glad that wipe out your doubts, please stay tuned on this page.

1. Hampers Metabolism

When you skip breakfast this habit causes overwhelmingly obstruct the appropriate metabolic function, which in turn causes a dramatic reduction of immunity level in the future if you continue this regularly.

Moreover, it makes weaken the liver by damaging the liver cells that cause liver damage like jaundice. Also, maybe lead to other health complications like anemia!

As per the study, the researchers found that the people who regularly consume breakfast found to be higher metabolism than those who skip breakfast.

Never skip breakfast!!

2. Triggers Hair loss

Skipping breakfast causes the reduction of Keratin level on your hair, which plays a significant role to strengthen your hair. When it lesser the keratin, the hair follicles will be feeble, thus triggers hair fall. It is also the disadvantages of skipping breakfast!

Breakfast is indispensable for sustaining hair health because it offers complete nutrition and strength to the hair follicles which in turn makes your hair roots strong.

Hence, both men and women should take breakfast on time and include nutritious food on their diet, specifically include protein-rich foods to promote hair growth and strengthen hair follicles.

3. Affects Heart Health

Skipping breakfast will adversely affect your heart health and increases the susceptibility of having heart problems like a heart attack. There is a 27% possibility of afflicting heart attack the individual who skip breakfast every day.

List of Adverse effects

  • Increasing hypertension and stress
  • Regular skipping of breakfast causes chronic cardiovascular health complications.

4. Higher Risk of Type-2 Diabetes

The people who had the habit of avoiding breakfast have a higher risk of developing type-2 diabetes. As per the study the researchers claimed that skipping breakfast causes higher the risk of type 2 diabetes by 33%.

Nowadays, a majority of housewives and working professionals have the habit of skipping breakfast due to hectic work schedules, and if they continue this habit indeed will confront a repercussion in the future.

Important note: All women and men, especially employees must consume a little amount of nutritious food as breakfast to being healthy and abstain from diseases to a certain extent.

5. Causes weight gain

Skipping breakfast causes susceptible to gaining weight. First and foremost, many of you guys thinking that when you ignore breakfast, as a result, the individual can reduce the calorie intake, which in turn causes weight loss. But it’s a misconception!

Consume breakfast on time to reduce weight and be healthy.

6. Causes Cancer

Skipping breakfast increases the risk of occurring Cancer, which specifically affects those who are overweight. According to research conducted by the Cancer of Research UK, it was found out the person who is overweight has an increased risk of developing cancer.

Are you someone who is obese, and you have the habit of skipping breakfast every day? If so, you guys must be cautious! Because unless you give up this habit, may susceptible to be a cancer patient abruptly in the future than mediocre people.

7. Affects Cognitive functioning

Skipping breakfast can also affect cognitive functioning, this problem has been mostly seen among working professionals and students who did not have time to consume breakfast on time due to a busy schedule. Moreover, improper cognitive function massively affects the students in their studies.

8. Negative Impact on Mood and Energy Level

Skipping breakfast can cause lower energy throughout the day as you not consuming anything among 7-8 hours of sleep. Therefore, after wake up, breakfast is the first meal of the day to start your beautiful day if you fail to fill your stomach it might affect the performance of your entire day activities.

Make sure you not skipping breakfast every day to boost energy levels.


Having breakfast on time will overwhelmingly boost metabolism and energy level. In the modernization era, the important benefit is eating nutritious breakfast in the morning can help keep your blood sugar levels in check.

Succinctly let’s look at the benefits of having breakfast on time.

  • Boosts metabolism
  • Gives a better start for the day
  • Helps weight loss
  • Increases concentration
  • Heart, digestive system, and the bone will be strong and healthy if you consume a healthy breakfast on time.
  • Lowers the risk of several chronic diseases.


Q.Would I be healthy if I consume breakfast on time?

A. Many studies have been proven that the people who consumed breakfast on-time more likely to be healthier, but the researchers do not prove that breakfast alone is responsible for being healthy. Perfect health depends on your healthy diet, exercise, and sleep.

Workout regularly! Follow a healthy diet, Consume breakfast on time!

Please give your valuable feedback below.

Thank you for reading my article! I appreciate your support.

Best home exercise equipment for weight loss.

Are you someone who aspires to lose weight by regular work out in the home itself without visiting the fitness center? If so, this blog will incredibly helpful.

As far as people are concerned, some people not able to visit the fitness center due to a hectic work schedule and some other personal reasons. If you are one of them, do not worry! The individual can lose weight effortlessly by purchasing and exercising the affordable and quality home fitness equipment.

The fact is certain people might have hesitated to go for fitness center due to insecurities and discomfort, since their obese bodies. But now it’s time to do regular workout for possessing a physically fit body as you all dreamed of.

By purchasing the best home exercise equipment for your home not only gives you comfort, but it can also provide you time-saving and can concentrate on your exercise effortlessly. The substantial benefit is you can work out any time of the hour or whenever you are free.

In this blog, I am going to discuss the top 5 sensational home exercise equipment that helps weight loss by regular practice.

Do not miss this article, and please stay tuned on this page to get to know the best home exercise equipment for weight loss.

Without further delay let’s get started the first and foremost equipment for weight loss.


A treadmill is the best home exercise equipment for weight loss, and you can use it as a multipurpose such as running, walking, and climbing on the same machine itself without going out. If you aspire to reduce the weight the treadmill is an incredible choice, which significantly burns approximately 300-400 calories within an hour of exercise.

But, if you run for an hour on the treadmill, indeed you can burn around 600-1200 calories per hour.

The popularity of a treadmill has been tremendously enhancing every day because it helps effectively functioning to reduce the body calories that you get from unhealthy foods.

It is available in an exceptional folding deck design so we can easily transport this equipment wherever we go. Hence, less room space is required.

Salient features of Treadmill

  • Easy to read display
  • Available in folding deck design
  • Keeps you updated on speed, incline, time, distance, calories, pulse
  • Easy to adjust incline for maximum workout variety
  • Can perform a variety of activities such as running, walking, jogging.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The individual needs to be more cautious while using this treadmill because if you increase the speed rather than you cannot handle; consequently, the people may fall or lose balance.

Furthermore, if you are overweight the individual can use exercise bikes instead of using a treadmill because there is a possibility of experiencing knee pain while using a treadmill.


According to experts, fitness bike is also the best home exercise equipment for weight loss. I hope many of you guys know that riding a bicycle is the best way to reduce weight, especially we had been used a typical cycle in childhood, right?

In the modernization era, there are different types of sophisticated fitness equipment has been launched in the market. However, cycling bike has exceptional advantages. First and foremost, customers install the equipment in the home to save money and time instead of visiting the fitness center due to hectic work schedules.

When you practice at least an hour of cycling, that has the competence to burn around 500-1000 calories from your body. But, it conspicuously depends on the speed of your cycling and how much hiatus do you take among the practice.

Better you start with slow cycling and then speed it up which will help you last longer without having to stop.

The features of exercise bikes may vary depending upon the brand. Next, let’s look at the attractive features of Exercise bike.

  • Can easily fold the equipment after a workout.
  • It can handle up to 300 LBS
  • Zero impact workout without causing harm to ankles or joints.
  • The equipment itself has transportation wheels that help you easily relocating when not in use.
  • Easy to read display that monitors distance, calories burned, time, speed, and heart rate.
  • Riding an exercise bike helps your heart become stronger, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, lower high blood pressure, and regulate your blood sugar.


  • Keep cycling at the rate of 90 rpm
  • Repeat consistently for at least 3 minutes and then take a break of 30-50 seconds, subsequently, repeat these sets 3-4 times before you jump on to another workout machine.


The Elliptical machine is also the second exceptionally best home exercise equipment for weight loss. It helps you provide us full-body workout and target more muscles, as a result, this machine succors us burn more calories rather than what you achieved from the treadmill.

The main advantage of this machine is you do not have to give more stress on your knees, hips, ankles, and feet.

Despite you feel less work out effect after the session, but this will provides massive results that not only strengthen your specific muscle, but it also gives a full-body workout effect.

When you work out on this machine, it has the competence to burn between 450 to 830 calories from your body per hour, which are 2 to 4 times more than walking. Furthermore, this equipment also makes sure your feet never leave the pedals when doing the workout session.

Salient features of the Elliptical machine.

  • The individual can exercise both forward and reverse direction on the elliptical machine. Practicing reverse direction allows different muscles to come in movement.
  • This equipment has a digital monitor that displays your speed, time, distance, calories, and pulse.
  • Although, more room space is required due to the ocular rotation of the pedals. It has breathtaking positive aspects as mentioned above.
  • If you are not a treadmill person, better to purchase this and do exercise on this equipment to see incredible changes in your body. But, you must dedicate yourself and do workout regularly to achieve your fitness goals.


A wall-mounted pull-up bar is also the best home exercise equipment for weight loss. It’s an astonishing multipurpose device and the individual can perform various exercises such as pull-ups, chin-ups, and push-ups by installing equipment on the wall.

This equipment is made by heavy-duty steel it also ensures stability and durability. As it’s a multipurpose device the individual can strengthen their muscles such as biceps, triceps, shoulders, and chest. If someone approaches with me and suggests them say the efficient and cost-effective home workout equipment, I would say wall mounted pull up bars.

The main positive benefit of this exercise is it has the competence to reduce the belly fat effectively, and I would provide a sensational rating on the equipment, as it gives a good result.

The Anchor bolt has been using in the pull-up bar, as a result, the equipment will be strong enough to do all kinds of hanging exercises such as pull-ups, chin-ups etcetera.

5.Jump Ropes

A jumping rope is one of the low expensive best home exercise equipment for weight loss. I hope many of you guys know the absolute benefit of this rope. When you consistently practice through this device gives you conspicuous results within a month.

The experts claiming that jumping rope exercise is the best fat burning exercise you do at your home at your own pace and convenient time.

When you practice by jumping ropes, it has the competence to burn approximately 600-1300 calories per hour.

Furthermore, jumping rope can burn up 25% more calories than running, which is depends upon the regular practice and the intensity of your workout.


Even though this equipment has the competence to burn calories to help you achieve your fitness goals, the remaining part depends on how hard you try and how you follow your diet. Hence, to reduce the weight and leading a healthy life certain habits are significant such as good sleep, changing lifestyle (consume nutritious food), and regular exercise is crucial.

Do not expect quick results, it will take time to get being fit.


Q. Can I reduce the weight by regularly practicing on this machine?

A. Certainly cannot, the results may vary and depends upon how hard you practice, and the diet you follow.

However, if you follow unhealthy habits you will not get the anticipated result. For instance, some foods have more calories than nutritious food. Therefore, if you could not practice an hour in the gym you cannot burn more calories which you get from unhealthy foods.

Workout regularly! Follow a healthy diet, and be patient until you get the result.

Please give your valuable feedback below.

I appreciate all your feedback!

Health benefits of chamomile tea,

Are you someone who confronts sleeplessness, anxiety, and stress in your daily life? And would you like to mitigate these issues? If so, this article will substantially helpful for you.

Chamomile tea is one of the most essential herbal beverages that we must consume in our daily life because it gives you tremendous health benefits. Moreover, people all over the world have using chamomile herbal tea to cure numerous physical and emotional health concerns.

Some of you guys may have perplexed that what is the specialty of this tea beyond green tea? Yes, Chamomile tea has amazing benefits. First and foremost, it drastically reduces insomnia issue and it makes you bestow good sleep throughout the night.

The reality is, no matter what sophisticated medicine comes in the market which will not be effective as of natural medicine.

In this blog, I am going to discuss both the health benefits and drawbacks of the tea to obtain more clarity about the dosage of consumption.

Do not miss this article, and please stay tuned on this page to get to know the astonishing and fascinating benefits of this tea.

First and foremost, let’s gaze at what are the benefits of chamomile tea?

What are the benefits of chamomile tea?

Chamomile is a herb that comes from the daisy flower family and prepared from dried flowers. Guys, I am pretty sure that you will love this tea the moment you drink. Because it has massive benefits as it includes a lot of antioxidants.

Chamomile used as a remedy for various problems such as cold symptoms, gastric and gastrointestinal problems, and toothaches.

Important note: The foremost and well-known benefit is, drinking chamomile tea that not only helps you obtain optimum sleep but also succors you to reduce the anxiety.

Let’s look at the detailed benefits of Chamomile tea.

1.Obtains good sleep

Chamomile tea is an excellent solution for people who confront insomnia. Certain people have the habit of awakening in the middle of the night without a specific reason. Hence, drinking chamomile tea helps you provide good sleep, as it includes mild sedating properties.

Chamomile tea has an antioxidant called APIGENIN, which helps you improve the quality of sleep and reduce insomnia.

“Good sleep comes in a Cup of chamomile tea”

2.Improves your digestive health

Everyone is aware of the fact that appropriate digestion is essential for our overall health. Drinking Chamomile tea every day protects you from suffering diarrhea, stomach ulcers, nausea, and gas trouble due to its anti-inflammatory effects.

When you drink chamomile it gives you soothing effect for your stomach as well as calms the mind. Hence, it helps you improve your digestion to a certain extent

3. Reduces menstrual cramps

Another overwhelming benefit is that it encompasses anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties that succor you ease menstrual cramps and soothes other stomach-related cramps.

it is widely used by women for relieving the menstrual cramps and pain since it helps to relax the muscles of the uterus, which causes the pain to subside. Hence, the women who face difficulties due to intolerable menstrual pain must purchase this healthy tea.

If you drink this tea every day for one month the next month menstrual pain will be dramatically reduced than you have experienced the previous month.

4.Protects against Cancer

The chamomile tea contains antioxidants known as APIGENIN which helps mitigate some types of cancer to a certain extent. As per the comprehensive study, the researchers claimed that these antioxidants can fight cancer cells, especially breast, digestive tract, and skin.

5.Strengthens immune system

Chamomile is the scientifically proven medicine to fight against treacherous bacteria; consequently, it strengthens your immune system by regular consumption.

Additionally, this tea has antibacterial properties that help to obstruct the ailments such as cold and cough. Also, consuming tea protects you against microbes.

6.Good Skin Moisturizer

Chamomile is the best solution to sustain your skin glow by preventing premature aging. If you consume chamomile tea regularly which helps you nourish and moisturize your skin from deep within. Moreover, you can also include chamomile in your beauty recipes to know its beauty benefits.

Furthermore, chamomile is the fountain of antioxidants that help to stop the free radicals that cause premature aging and damage the quality and health of our skin and hair.

“Drink chamomile tea, prevent premature aging”

If you are looking for which skincare products must use to get flawless skin, click here and find based on your skin types.

7.Reducing Inflammation

Chamomile contains antioxidants that massively prevent inflammation caused by microbes. Inflammation is an immune system reaction to fight against infection. Furthermore, it has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce the swelling, pain, and redness of your skin caused by infection.

For instance, if you feel any pain or swelling on your hand or any other body parts, you will feel relaxed when you scrub on your skin by using a tea bag that helps you reduce the redness and swelling caused by infection or allergies.

8.Treats Anxiety

When you consume chamomile tea indeed you may feel the tranquil effect on the body that can help soothe frazzled nerves; consequently, it reduces anxiety. As per the comprehensive study, the researchers found that drinking tea regularly can dramatically reduce anxiety to a certain extent.

These are the amazing benefits of Chamomile tea, and I hope if you consume this tea you will never regret it.

Moreover, it has some potential benefits too. First and foremost, it decline the level of blood sugar level to a certain extent also make sure the proper functioning of heart health.

Next, let’s have a look at the side-effects of Chamomile tea.


Side-Effects of Chamomile tea

Every coin has two sides. So, overconsumption of chamomile tea has some pitfalls too. As per the study, chamomile tea does not have any side effects. However, inappropriate and overdosage consumption of this tea can cause allergic problems such as vomiting and nausea in certain folks.

Drinking Chamomile tea in a moderate amount is good for your health! Nevertheless, the side effects persist as the tea contains a high concentration of chamomile. Furthermore, it may have other side effects as well comprising swelling of the throat, shortness of breath, and skin rashes.

Drink two cups of tea regularly to get optimum results!

How to make Chamomile tea


  • Take 2 tablespoons of chamomile flowers or Teabag
  • 2 cups of water
  • 1 tablespoon of raw honey( optional)


  • Boil a cup of water and add 2 tablespoons of dried chamomile flowers. Cover them and let it steep for 10 minutes. Once the 10 minutes is over, strain your tea and drink it.
  • If tea bag, dip on the boiled water and drink it.


After reading this article I hope you got to know the incredible benefits of Chamomile tea. We can lead a happy and healthy life by following and consuming the simple medicine given by nature. Hence, utilize this medicine and abstain from a certain kind of ailments from our daily lives.

Important note: Consume a moderate amount of tea every day, be healthy!! (Drinking two cups of chamomile tea are preferred).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Q. Which tea is better, green tea, or chamomile tea?
  2. A. Both tea have played a significant role to treat diseases. Green tea is well known for included rich in antioxidants. It helps you prevent cancer, obesity, type 2 diabetes, liver disorders, Alzheimer’s, and bad cholesterol. However, chamomile tea also contains a massive amount of antioxidants that help you provide good sleep, reduce anxiety, and strengthen immune system etcetera.

Both are compelling in terms of their benefits!

“Follow a Healthy Lifestyle”

I hope this blog will help you!

Strengthen your immune system, Foods

A majority of diseases afflicting to the people rapidly, because of a lack of immunity power and failed to take appropriate precautions. Are you someone who aspires to strengthen immunity to prevent diseases? If so, this blog will incredibly helpful for you guys.

As far as our body is concerned, building immunity power is the foremost significant aspects of human lives, which helps you prevent a host of ailments such as flu, viral and bacterial infections.

Certain people may have perplexed and asked a question, is it possible to strengthen immunity naturally? Could I strengthen the immune system by consuming healthy food? The answer is Yes! We can enhance the immune system by considering certain food in our daily life.

The individual can keep a strong immune system by including certain nutritious food in your daily diet. I reckon a myriad of people are not focusing on their health due to a hectic work schedule and stress. However, in the tech-savvy era, we must have concentrated on our health simultaneously with the job.

Nevertheless, the fact is building our immunity is not going to happen overnight, and it may require years of practice by changing lifestyle and food habits.

In this blog, I am going to discuss the tips to improve your immune system by following a healthy diet.

Stay tuned on this page and read the entire article to get to know the spectacular benefits of an immune-boosting a healthy diet.

Let’s get started the diet plan to ameliorate the immune system.

Immune-booster foods


Garlic is a widely used food, and the people used to add this in all curries to get an extra flavor. Moreover, the experts used to call garlic as a ‘powerful Immunity booster’ so it’s an elixir of individual health. Furthermore, garlic used to treat several ailments such as cold and flu.

1 piece of garlic, contains

1 mg of Calcium

12 mg of potassium

More than 100 sulphuric compounds

I Hope this benefit is powerful enough to wipe out bacteria and infection. Hence, consume 1 piece of garlic every day to boost immunity.


Apple is the spectacular fruit, which encompasses essential vitamins that our body required. It contains Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, and C all these are an elixir for improving the appropriate function of the immune system.

You may have heard the statement called ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ I know it sounds so cliché, but it includes a plethora of meaning.

I hope this benefit is adequate for you to include an apple in your regular diet.


Ginger is considered as the most renowned vegetable, since ages. It contains immunity-boosting nutrients such as Vitamin B6, magnesium, and manganese.

The astonishing benefit is, the ginger used to consume for treating various types of ailments like flu, cold, sore throat, and decreases inflammation. Furthermore, it may decrease nausea and vomiting tendency by the daily consumption of ginger.

Raw ginger contains 80 calories and a moderate amount of Vitamin B6. As per the comprehensive study the experts claimed that individuals must include more Vitamin C contained food to ameliorate the immune system.


Spinach is the rich food that includes Vitamin K, mainly used for strengthening your bone muscles, eyesight, and immune system as well. Furthermore, spinach is rich in Vitamin C, and it encompasses anti-oxidant known as BETA-CAROTENE, which helps you increase the infection-fighting ability of your immune system.

I had published an article regarding the benefits of spinach those who did not go through please go and check it out that blog as well. 

RAW Spinach is best to eat!


Papaya is the most delicious and well-known fruit in terms of nutrition. As far as papaya is concerned, it helps to improve immunity tremendously as it loaded with Vitamin CPotassium, Vitamin B, Vitamin A, antioxidants, and Folate.

Additionally, the papaya contains Enzyme called Papain which enormously helpful for digestion problems.

Let’s include papaya in our regular diet to improve the immune system.


Broccoli is the powerful vegetable of the cruciferous family, which helps you to prevent a host of diseases through frequent consumption of this rich food. Furthermore, it contains a high amount of vitamins and minerals that are essential for improving the immune system.

Let’s gaze at the positive aspects by consuming broccoli

  • Reduces cholesterol
  • Beneficial for liver health
  • It generates a detoxification enzyme that helps to reduce the bacteria for the liver, also the consumption of broccoli can prevent the disease known as a fatty liver.
  • Improves digestion
  • Prevents cancer
  • Improves eyesight (because it includes Vitamin A, BETA CAROTENE, Phosphorus, and other vitamins that are beneficial for improving eyesight and immunity.

7. GREEN TEA, immune-boosting tea

Everyone knows green tea is the foremost pivotal healthy beverages in the world. Because it contains a type of antioxidants known as Flavonoids and Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) both help you enhance the immune system enormously.

I have published a detailed article regarding the health benefits of green tea and I have included all points on the article those who did not go through, please go and check it out.


Citrus fruits are highly delicious and well-known fruit, which is rich in Vitamins and Minerals also encompasses high vitamin C, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium. Additionally, they are rich in plant compounds that have anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.

Citrus fruits include Orange, Lemon, Grapes, and Tangerine, by consuming these fruits not only help you enhance your immunity but also it helps you treat various types of diseases such as

  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Assist digestion
  • Controls obesity
  • Prevents diet-related chronic diseases
  • Lowers the risk of kidney stones by raising Citrate levels in urine
  • Helps maintain the proper functioning of blood vessels in the eyes
  • Fruits and juices may help boost brain function and protect the brain from neurodegenerative disorders


Turmeric is the scientifically proven medicine that has been using since ages to improving the immune system, to possess glowing skin, and it has many other proven health benefits as well. The active compound known as Curcumin included in turmeric which helps to boost your immunity by controlling various types of diseases.

The turmeric includes compelling antioxidants that help reducing inflammation throughout your body and prevent age-related deterioration of the tissues, as a result, you may feel that your body looks younger, feels younger, and behaving younger.

Additionally, it helps you prevent Alzheimer’s, and treats depression. Furthermore, as far as the heart is concerned, turmeric consumption protects your blood vessels by improving the heart function appropriately.


The Red bell pepper is a versatile vegetable contain twice as much vitamin C in comparison with citrus fruits. Furthermore, when you consume you can obtain an adequate amount of carotenoids such as BETA-CAROTENE and LUTENOID from Bell pepper which helps improve your eyesight and useful for skin glow.

  • Beta-carotene helps you diminish eye diseases such as cataracts
  • Consuming Bell pepper raw or cooked is effective for pregnant mothers. However, the better you consume after consulting with your physician.


The more you consume the Vitamin C included food, the more immunity power you can possess. Also, it is advisable to consume zinc and magnesium content food as well to optimize the immune system.

Let’s gaze at another list of foods to consume for improving the immune system. These foods include Vitamin C, Zinc & Magnesium.



Healthy food consumption and changing lifestyle is a crucial aspect. The more healthy food you consume regularly, the body will react as favorable as possible by giving optimum results. Hence, include immune-boosting food into your regular diet to stay away from treacherous diseases to a certain extent.

Even though foods are the most essential aspect to boost immunity but remember, it will not happen overnight! sometimes it may take years to conspicuous the result.

“Eat healthy food”

“Follow a Healthy Lifestyle”

I hope this blog will help you!

Health Benefits Of Yoga

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Do you someone who aspires to live a happy and healthy life by spending at least half an hour in the exercise every day? If so, this blog will incredibly helpful for you guys.

In this blog, I will give you a perfect tip that not only helps you improve your mental ability but also physical strength as well. I hope some of you guys know about it what I am talking about. Yes! Here I am discussing the ancient Indian practice called YOGA.

Stay tuned on this page till the end to get to know the spectacular benefits of yoga. First and foremost, let’s discuss, what is YOGA.

The individual can achieve an optimum physical appearance by exercising regularly. However, when you practice yoga it can not only accomplish physical appearance but also can improve mental peace, concentration, and happiness as well.

When you practice yoga the internal organs will activate; consequently, an individual can control their mind as expected as possible by reducing the stress hormone known as Cortisol.


When masses hearing the term YOGA typically think it’s an Inhale & Exhale or highly spiritual meditation process, but yoga is not like that.

Yoga is an amalgamation of practices such as physical, mental, and spiritual. Nowadays, certain folks included yoga into their morning ritual to reduce stress and improve mental ability.

Furthermore, yoga teaches you self-realization such as who I’m, what is the purpose of my life, and how should I live a happy life.

Moreover, yoga predominantly focuses on physical movements, breathing exercises, stretching, and meditation, these practices help to improve your health and happiness.

Everyone loves to live a happy life, isn’t it? No matter how wealthy you are the ultimate aim is the same which is “Being happy”.

“Practice Yoga regularly to control your mind”

Let’s gaze at the benefits of doing YOGA

1.Increases Concentration and Focus

Improving concentration is the most significant aspect of human life, specifically the students and working professionals as well. The concentration will occur when our mind and body synchronized simultaneously.

Furthermore, the highly concentrated people can diminish their mistakes by focusing on the specific stuff, as a result, it causes increasing productivity.

Yoga has its significance since ancient times and, yoga has indeed helped many of us to live a happy and healthy life by improving the concentration and focus. Moreover, yoga can control our mind tremendously.

Consequently, it makes your mind tranquil and gives peace.

2.Weight Loss

Numerous people have the misconception that without physical exercises such as Jumping and Running how do I reduce the weight? However, the reality is beyond your thinking, according to experts, they claimed that yoga can make it.

Because yoga is one of the best exercises for accelerating up metabolism and supporting weight loss.

Furthermore, yoga can keep your metabolism burning strong, which causes a stimulating and strengthening effect on the endocrine organs. This means that after finished your yoga session, your body will continue to burn calories while you are resting.

The predominant reason behind this process is yoga can control the individual’s mind, as a result, they will spontaneously comprehend the unhealthy diet and remove it from regular consumption.

3.Improves Blood Flow Around the Body

If you guys are struggling with less blood circulation, yoga is a simple way to get the blood flowing at a faster rate around your body.

The expert claiming that when you practice yoga regularly, which helps ease the blood circulation throughout your body as the movement of different poses bringing more oxygen to your cells.

The downward dog pose is specifically beneficial for improving the blood flow throughout your body”

4.Increases Your Flexibility & PostureThe individual must include yoga in their daily routine to possess a strong, supple, and flexible body. When you practice yoga regularly it helps stretches and tones the body muscles and also makes them strong. Moreover, the stretches help you achieve perfect posture when you stand, sit, sleep, or walk

At the outset, you may confront challenges when practicing all the yoga poses appropriately. However, when you practice more you will assimilate those effortlessly.

5.Improves Muscle Strength and Tone

Yoga helps you improve your muscle strength and tone by practicing at least 20 minutes every day. The reality is individuals can achieve the same results as you working out in the gym.

Furthermore, it exercises a whole set of muscles around the body all at the same time.

6.Lowers Blood Sugar

Yoga not only helps you reduce the blood sugar level but also lowers LDL (Bad) Cholesterol and boost HDL (good) cholesterol as well. The most astonishing benefit is, yoga controls the cortisol and adrenaline levels which in turn encourages weight loss and improving the sensitivity to the effects of insulin.

Get your blood sugar level down to decrease the risk of diabetic complications such as heart attack, kidney failure, and blindness.

7.Better Breathing

I hope many of you guys heard the exercise known as PRANAYAMA, which has been included in yoga breathing practice. It can be effective for reducing your stress response, improving lung function, and encouraging relaxation.

Furthermore, pranayama focuses on deep breathing and general stretching. Moreover, it is incredibly beneficial for our nervous system. When you control your breathing you can control your energy, so spontaneously can control your mind as well.

8. Naturally Reduces Pain

This is one of the most significant health benefits of yoga. As per the comprehensive study, found that yoga can be very effective at relieving pain it does not matter if you suffer from diseases such as



Migraine headaches

Back pain

Yoga has been proven to effectively reduce pain from all these ailments.

9.Improves Your Sleep

Do you confront any difficulties sleeping at night? No worries! Yoga will help you provide optimum sleep as you anticipated. As per the comprehensive study, the experts claimed that the individual facing a problem such as Insomnia can tackle effectively by practicing yoga.

“Take the time to make your soul happy”


Yoga is an absolute medicine given by God to improving both physical and mental health. When the folks utilize it appropriately, we can lead a healthy and happy life effortlessly by following yoga exercises regularly.

You should assess your physical fitness and choose a class that’s at the most appropriate level for you.

Follow a Healthy Lifestyle

I hope this blog will help you

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Are you anyone who consumes protein powder regularly to enhance the body muscle? Have you ever get confused about which brand protein we must consume? If so, I hope this blog will incredibly helpful for you guys. Firstly, you must comprehend the pros and cons of consuming protein powder.

A myriad of people has the misconception that consuming protein powder is detrimental to our health. Even though it’s true a bit, it has some amazing benefits too!

To illustrate this, some people claiming that protein powder is not good for our health, as the manufacturing company had been added chemicals on the supplement. If someone says like this, you have to ask them why? Why should we not consume? If a person can genuinely answer this question with examples, then obey them.

Moreover, the researchers decide the specific protein supplement is good or bad in terms of the popularity of the protein.

Nevertheless, no matter what you consume, if it exceeds the limit which will adversely affect your body right? It’s a fundamental concept!

In this blog, I am going to elaborate on the explicit pros and cons of protein powder. Moreover, I am interpreting how many calories we must consume regularly to enhance muscle mass for both lean and normal individuals.

I hope the whey protein has more popularity than normal products, so let’s discuss whey protein.

Protein powder is a renowned nutritional supplement, which has been extracted from the milk. Moreover, it’s an essential macronutrient that helps build muscles.

As far as whey protein is concerned, a host of celebrities and fitness models are becoming an ardent fan of Whey protein, as a result, this supplement sale rate has been exponentially increased.

First, let’s have a look at the positive aspects of protein powder.

Advantages of protein powder

The protein powder has many advantages. First and foremost, it helps you give an appropriate amount of protein that you do not get from the food you consume regularly.

For instance, as per the health standard, a normal person should consume approximately 50-60 grams of protein every day. However, we fail to consume that amount of food as our hectic work schedule, financial problem, or some other reason.

Nevertheless, the protein powder can sort out this issue, not only help you provide the appropriate amount of protein to our body but also give you 9 essential amino acids as well.

Let’s gaze at the benefits of the supplement.

  1. Improve performance and muscle growth
  2. Boost the immune system
  3. Promotes rapid healing of wounds
  4. Improves heart health
  5. Better for post-workout
  6. Reduce body fat
  7. Balance cholesterol


Next, Let’s discuss the renowned protein product known as Whey Protein.

I am explaining about Types, side effects, how to identify the product whether it is genuine or fake, and dosage intake of Whey protein.

  • There are 3 types of whey protein
  1. Whey Protein Concentrate

    The whey protein concentrate includes 70-80% of protein, and the remaining parts encompass FAT, LACTOSE, and MINERALS.

    If you guys are skinny individuals suggest you consume whey protein concentrate, because it not only includes 80% of protein but also contains fat, carbs, minerals, which is essential to increase the body weight.

    However, this contains less amount of protein in comparison with isolate and hydrolyzed, as a result, this product available in the market at affordable prices.

    2.Whey Protein Isolate

    The isolate encompasses 90% of protein, and the remaining contains FAT, LACTOSE, and MINERALS.

    Isolate is one of the best products available in the market because it’s a LACTOSE-free product too so that no gas trouble persists anymore.

    Additionally, in comparison with whey protein concentrate, the price is high, however, consuming this product will get a massive and appropriate result.

    I suggest you guys consume whey protein isolate, as per the feedback from many people.

    3. Whey protein hydrolyzed

    Hydrolyzed is the pure protein powder available in the market, in comparison with Isolate and concentrate. Because it contains a huge amount of pure protein and amino acids, however, it contains fewer carbs, fats, lactose, and sugar.

    The fitness models, bodybuilders, and Athletes are an ardent fan of this product. Mostly, they consume this nutritional supplement while participating in the competition to possess high performance and energy.

    As this product is quite expensive, the experts suggest you consume WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE based on your convenience and affordability.

    Next, I am going to discuss the side effects of protein powder.


    As per the comprehensive study, the researchers claiming that every coin has two sides. Hence, the astounding stuff is there are side effects too, by consuming the nutritional supplement.

    As far as whey protein is concerned, it’s a better supplement, but if the consumption exceeds the limit as per the body weight and your fitness goals, indeed it may adversely affect your body.


      Those who consume concentrate, almost 70% of people have been confronting issues such as Stomach bloating, Gas trouble, and Stomach cramps.

      If you guys confront any of these problems, start consuming Isolate instead of concentrate.

      • ALLERGY

        The people used to confront issues such as Facial swelling and tongue swelling by the consumption of this supplement.

        As far as protein powder is concerned, the people can effortlessly comprehend the issue by trying a petite experiment. First and foremost, if you feel disgruntled when drinking the milk every day, then stop consuming protein powder.

        Furthermore, if the individual facing this issue, please do consume

        Pea Protein

        Soy Protein

        Egg protein


          Certain people can afflict kidney ailment by too much protein consumption. Hence, once you consume the protein powder do not forget to drink at least 3 liters or more of water every day.

          Reason: When you consume nutritional supplements beyond the limit kidney will be overloaded; consequently, the pressure will increase significantly which causes the damage of kidneys in the future.

          Moreover, do not consume protein powder if you already have a kidney problem. However, the reality is this problem will not affect those who have optimum health.

          How much protein should you take?

          As I said above, inappropriate protein consumption (too much) will adversely affect your body by suffering treacherous ailments. Predominantly the people unaware of the quantity of the protein powder, and they consume that stuff regularly beyond the company standards.

          Normal person      –    1 or 2 Scoop (includes 24 grams of protein)

          Bodybuilder           –   3 Scoop maximum

          Be cautious the intake should not exceed above 3 scoops.

          Important: There are a host of things to be considered while consuming protein which depends on your weight and fitness goals, so make sure whether the intake exceeds the company standards or not.

          For instance, as per the international standard if the individual mass is 70 KG they need to be consumed 100-120 Grams of protein every day to shape their body.

          How can we understand the whey protein is genuine or fake?

          Nowadays, a myriad of protein powders are available in the market, every product trying to prove their genuineness differently, and it’s an arduous task to comprehend the good products among this.

          However, everyone can check the genuineness of the product by considering dissolving ability. Genuine products will dissolve quickly, but fake products will take time to dissolve when you mix protein in the milk.


          Protein powder is an amazing product to lose weight and build muscles, and the consumption of this supplement depends on your fitness goals. Hence, when you consume an appropriate amount of protein powder in your regular diet, which will give you a magnificent result.

          However, when the individual consumes the fake protein supplement by considering the low price available in the market, you may suffer the severe diseases which I mentioned above.

          Therefore, consume a good protein powder to achieve optimum health.

          Consume high-quality protein, sustain longer health.”

          I hope this blog will help you

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Do you ever felt confused about in which fitness course you should pursue to enhance your wages?  If so, this blog will incredibly helpful for you guys.

Today, I am writing this blog to inform the happy news to all who aspire to build their career in the realm of fitness. Also, the individual can earn more income by certifying any one of the following courses.

Certain people are not taking the initiative to enroll in the course even though they have an interest.

Maybe, because of a lack of awareness or family circumstances, and the happy news is you have so many opportunities to excel in the field of fitness.

Moreover, certain folks have the misconception that if they entering the fitness industry, and cannot earn decent remuneration and all.

Nevertheless, the reality is beyond your thinking because the fitness industry is flourishing all over the world, as a result, they treat their employees well by giving attractive wages.

Let’s get started!

Please read the entire article to know full details about the top 5 fitness certifications in the world.

Before jump into the sophisticated certification, you must have completed the fundamental one, which is called CPR/AED certification.

Moreover, the individual must hold this certification before applying for the advanced course. Additionally, a myriad of other courses is available online to get familiar with human anatomy, how to handle injuries, nutrition all this stuff.

The happy news is we all get this course at an affordable price by purchasing online from the renowned American online learning platform called Udemy.

I hope many of the guys aware of this. However, those who do not know I am giving you the link here you can check it out. https://www.udemy.com/

Let’s get started the certifications


ACE is offering different certifications such as Personal trainer certificationGroup fitness instructor, Health coach, and medical exercise specialist certification as well. Moreover, above ACE’s primary certifications are accredited by NCCA (National Commission for certifying agencies).

Be aware, no matter what fitness-related course you are pursuing, make sure the courses are approved by NCCA.

ACE is one of the spectacular advanced courses that the individual can enhance their knowledge of fitness by finishing this course. As far as ACE is concerned, it’s quite an expensive course, and it has lots of benefits too.

Additionally, I am giving you the link below to check the details of the certifications.

Link: https://www.acefitness.org/

The astonishing positive aspects of the certification are that the digital version is available online. Furthermore, the individual can purchase online, and start to learn by themselves without the help of a tutor, merely if they are confident enough. Hence, the person can purchase it at an affordable cost.

The individual must register for the exam within 6 months, once you purchased from online. Also, after the registration, the person can take a 1 to 2 months gap for writing the exam.

  • The ACE course encompasses a combination of digital and hard copy materials.
  • Duration- 3-4 months (80-100 hours).
  • Exam fees – $399 (30171 INR).
  • Exam Retake cost – $199 (15041 INR)
  • Recertification cost – $129( Every 2 years)


NASM was founded in the year of 1987, and the certification was approved by NCCA, which is pretty good for getting a job in a high fitness academy, as they follow the optimum performance training model (OPT).

Their primary goal of the certification is posture and general fitness. Moreover, they provide a clear E-learning option.

Specifically, the OPT model emphasizes program design, assessments, and exercise instruction with your clients. I am sure that once you finish this course you will get to know how to train the person from scratch to advance model (power training).

When you study this course, they will give you the step by step method to comprehend the person’s body.

For instance, if someone comes for a gym they need stability endurance, strength endurance, hypertrophy, max strength, and power. This is a normal step to train people.

On the other hand, I will give you a petite glimpse of this section.

Stability and strength endurance training required for Aged people.

Hypertrophy and maximal strength training required for people who aspire to build muscles.

Power training is suitable for Athletes and weight lifters.

How do you guys feel now? Would you like to join this course? then it’s a good decision!

I am giving you the link to know more about the courses https://www.nasm.org/

Moreover, it’s quite expensive than ACE, it cost around 599$ (45291 INR)

Course details

  • 6 domains
  • 120 Questions   Require 70% or higher to Pass  
  • 120 minutes
  • Exam Retake cost: $199 (15041 INR)
  • Recertification cost : $99 (Every 2 year)

In comparison with other certifications, it is the most prestigious and most well -known certifications in the industry.


ISSA is one of the most sought after certification by gyms and commercial facility owners. It has been recognized for 30 years, and almost 3 lakhs certified trainers working in 143 countries around the globe.

Furthermore, as this course has been following the open book exam procedure the value of this course has been significantly reduced.

ISSA offering 12 different fitness courses, and they bestow online access, ongoing support, a study on your time.

Let’s gaze at the course details

Once you enroll in this course they provide you 8 to 12 months to complete.

I drop the link here you can check it out: https://www.issaonline.com/

Exam cost: $499.00 (37716 INR)

Exam Retake cost: The first retake is free. Then, if take another you have to pay 45$

Recertification cost : 99$ (7482 INR)

Course materials: – Offers 720 pages textbook, which includes 31 units. Additionally, they provide a workbook and study guide as well.


ACSM is the first founded certification in comparison with other certifications, which was founded in the year of 1954.

Furthermore, ACSM is a non-profit organization that is approved by NCCA. A myriad of health professionals has been choosing this course to get a job with good wages, as it’s the most significant and well-known certification accepted worldwide.

Moreover, as per the comprehensive reviews about these courses, and the fitness industry expert claimed that ACSM is better than ACE in terms of price and value.

Here I am giving you the link for your reference https://www.acsm.org/

Let’s gaze at the exam fees

Exam cost: $399 (30158 INR)

Exam Retake cost: $175 (13227 INR)

Recertification cost   : $45 (Every 3 year)

The exam has 150 questions, and all are multiple-choice questions

Exam duration: 2.5 hours


NSCA is the non- profit organization and accredited by NCCA. This is going to be a good certification for anyone who wants to work with the Athlete. NSCA predominantly focusing on the strength and conditioning training, as a result, you will get more respect from clients once you started working with the organization.

Salient features

  • Study from Textbook
  • Buy it used
  • The individual can be a sports trainer and Olympic trainer once you pass the examination.

Here I am giving you the link for your reference: https://www.nsca.com/

Let’s gaze at the course details.

Course cost                   :    $435 (32884 INR)

Exam Retake cost        :    $435

Recertification cost     :    $75 ( Every 3 year)


I have provided detailed information about the international certified personal trainer course for your reference, and my sincere request is you guys check it out the link and analyze yourself before enrolling a course.

After a lot of research, I can assure you that NASM certification stands on the top among other certifications. However, please research by yourself and analyze which certification suits you best before enrolling in the course.


“The body achieves what the mind believes”

I hope this blog will helpful for you guys

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Do you aspire to become a fitness trainer to earn a good income to lead a happy and healthy life? If so, this blog will incredibly helpful for you guys.

Please read the entire article to know full details about Personal trainer certification.

In this blog, I am giving you spectacular tips to become a fitness instructor in your native country and Overseas. I reckon a host of people may have dreamed of becoming an instructor. However, individuals are failing to pursue their dreams because of family circumstances, lack of awareness, or different reasons.

Today I am going to sort out all your problems by giving simple tips to become your dream fitness instructor.

First and foremost, certification is significant to become an instructor in any center. Because the fitness industry has been booming right now, as a result, the competition around the world has been tremendously enhanced.

The astonishing incident is the majority of adolescents are becoming ardent fans of fitness to make follow their passion and profession simultaneously.

Let’s comprehend the definition of “Personal trainer”, which means the ability to deliver safe and effective programs to the clients. For instance, your clients may have several problems, once they approach with you must have the capability to comprehend their issue and provide them safe and effective exercises.

Let’s get started.


The passionate fitness trainer must learn essential skills such as listening skillsself- motivation, self-promotion, leadership, and they must have excellent communication skills to excel in the field of the fitness industry.


At the outset, the individual must have finished their HIGH SCHOOL DEGREE to register this course. Moreover, they must follow their passionate course which they keen on without the compulsion of others. If so, they can work efficiently as a personal trainer.

Moreover, make sure that you selected the course from the reputed and registered organization.

A myriad of organization offers a variety of fitness training courses with written and practical examinations.

I am going to give you little insight into the course.

  • Lecture and duration:

              (Theory & practical)

              2 months (it may vary in terms of syllabus and academy)

               Internship: 100 hours

Furthermore, some Academy may provide you internship opportunities for the individual who successfully finished the course with good marks.

  • Types of Exams

               Theory (100 marks)

               Practical (100 marks)

              Viva (Oral exam)- 50 marks

50% of marks are required to pass this exam.

Note- The syllabus may vary, based on the Academy and courses.

As far as a personal trainer is concerned, the trainer must comprehend their customer’s requirements by selecting an appropriate workout, diet plans. Moreover, make them aware of the function of the body, and give them an accurate workout plan without injuries.

If you are someone who aspires to pursue a personal trainer course from India, this information will incredibly helpful for you guys.

First and foremost, please be cautious before selecting the fitness course because a host of institutes are providing a variety of courses. However, before jumping to the course analyze it and check whether the specific institute that you selected being registered in REPS India or not.

Hence, REPS INDIA registration is necessary to work as a personal trainer overseas.

Next, we are going to talk about the individual who aspires to shape their career in Abroad as a personal trainer.

REPS India (Register for exercise professionals India foundation) 

Also, here I am giving the link of the website   https://www.repsindia.org/

The individual can work overseas as a recognized international fitness trainer if they getting the portability letter from the REPS India. Moreover, you can work in seven countries as a personal trainer if the specific institute registered in REPS India.

Countries listed below


Additionally, you can check whether the Institute that you selected has been registered in REPS India or not.

Here is the link https://repsindia.org/approved-training/

Also, If you can complete the course called DIPLOMA IN PERSONAL TRAINER from any of the REPS India’s registered institutes, the individual is eligible to register as Category-A Personal Trainer in REPS India.

Moreover, after finishing the course from the registered Academy, the individual can possess a portability letter from REPS India, as a result, you deserve to work in the above-listed countries as Personal Trainer. Once you start working as a CPT abroad, the individual can effortlessly register their certificate in overseas REPS, for instance REPS Ireland.



(Can earn -25000/- to 2 lakhs PM)


(Can earn- Rs. 25000/- to 3 lakhs PM)


(Can earn- Rs. 30000/- to 3 lakhs PM)


(Can earn- Rs. 15000/- to 45000/- PM)

Let’s gaze at the benefit of being Certified.

  1.  Independent in handling clients with social needs- geriatric/children/young adults/medical conditions/history injuries.
  2. Proper judgment about forms and techniques for different levels of fitness.
  3. Forms and techniques are learned based on proven theories to minimize the risk of injuries and provide maximum benefits.
  4. Generate higher revenue-better knowledge used for convincing clients for PT.
  5. Certified trainers talk the same language on the ground floor – improving the gym image.
  6. The certified trainers get more respect as the client believe make optimum fitness result.


Being a CPT is an amazing opportunity for adolescents right now around the world. Many individuals both men and women have been trying to work as personal trainers as they love this job. Moreover, people opt for this job to prevent the disease from workout regularly.

However, before selecting the Academy and course to pursue check whether the institute is registered in REPS or not.

The body achieves what the mind believes

I hope this blog will helpful for you guys.